The Flint Rainbow Club
  • Prior to the 2007 opening of the Flint Rainbow Club, workers accomplished a multitude of tasks. A new 'retro' ceiling was installed in the Great Room thus hiding our beam problem. 
  • After three seasons of chilly breakfasts in the dining room, a small heater was placed under the A/C window (finally toasty and comfortable). Eating  meals while it's still frosty outside, no longer a problem. 
  • Crews successfully planted 3 flowering crabs and two tulip trees on the Club property this Spring. The crabs flowered a stunning magenta and the tulip trees are green and flourishing.
  • Trout Opener: The weekend weather at the end of April was for the dedicated fisherman only. The water was high, off color and the water temperatures low. A daring few braved the high water with not much success.
  • The third week of the official opening season fishing picked-up dramatically. Early hatches of Grey Drakes moving into good Sulphur hatches and very adequate Stonefly hatches, more than compensating for the slim early season. Look in the log book for a more-than-normal amount of entries.
  • Early in the month tree professionals trimmed out some potentially disasterous limbs hanging over the porch roof and the parking area. Several beetle diseased pines were removed from the property. Three five year old nursery raised pines were planted on the grounds and they are looking quite sound. We are in the market for some mature blue spruce (10' to 12') to be planted in strategic locations. Anyone interested in contributing toward their cost please contact Steve Ladd at


  • The celebration of the fourth was spread out over a whole week. Many of the area small towns and communities had fireworks theweekend prior to the actual fourth and the weekend after. Big Star Lake, visable from the Club lawn, had an aerial display on Saturday July 7th.
  • Mid July, the FRC hosted the Cast for Conservation opening BBQ and bunch, on the property. The Club was represented by two two teams, Pat Hughes and Dave Potts placed well with points and congrats to member Steve ladd and partner, Chuck Hawkins on being the overall winners.
  • Temperatures have been quite steamy but the hoppers are moving early. Good success on the P.M. and surrounding rivers for the mega brown trout.
  • Trout-A-Rama is taking place in downtown Baldwin

  • We are all saddened by the recent passing of two Club members, Bob Carpenter and Don DeVogelaere. Our hearts go out to their families with our sympathies and condolences.
  • please note addition of settling pea gravel over parking area and on the path to the Club dining room.
  • Tom and I have been told by several members that they noticed and apprecite the improvements in the overall Club cleanliness. Over the winter new cleaning policies and check lists were developed, that seem to be working. If you have suggestions, ideas or complaints pertaining to the Club cleaniness please contact Steve Ladd (aka Mr Clean).
  • June, for the past four seasons, has been remarkably slow with few bookings. Steelhead are still present and the browns are actively taking meaty offerings. Mornings are chilly but mid-afternoons and evenings are pleasant and the river is not crowded with recreational canoeists. There's plenty of wood and we'd love to do some gourmet meals, anytime of the week. Tom and I encourage all members to consider spending more quality time at your 'one of a kind' Club. We would also like to thank all members who visit for their comments and the courtesies extended to us. We are here for YOU.